Media Innovation - Existing Channel

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



'Monday To The Max' First-Ever Video-in-Print

With the severe downturn currently accelerating in the print industry, we identified the medium as ripe for innovation and re-invention. The goal was to do something in print that would ensure the integrated messaging for CBS and PepsiMax would come to life and for the first time organically tie the print medium to a true television experience. As a centerpiece to its 2009 Fall Season launch campaign, CBS, with new promotional partner PepsiCo, introduced the first-ever use of video in print advertising. Introducing readers of a magazine to the allure of sight, sound and motion and directly delivering consumers CBS and PepsiMax video content on the printed page.

Brand: CBS and Pepsi
Client: CBS
Agency: OMD

Only in a Woman's World

Our target has a love-hate relationship with food and we had the opportunity to show her guiltless indulgence options, made just for her. Marrying the consumer insight that relationships are critical to easing conflicts as well as social and media behavior, we developed a portfolio-level campaign to support Frito Lay's Baked! Smartfood, Flat Earth and 100 Calorie Pack brands. We created, "The Only in a Woman's World" web series and communicated with her through blog integrations, editorial partnerships, dedicated emails, brand pages on social media sites and our hub

Brand: Frito-Lay
Client: Frito-Lay, Inc.
Agency: OMD

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