Media Innovation - Existing Channel

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 



Reword: Changing Online Bullying Behaviour

Bullying has moved from schoolyards to social media, but kids don’t realize the effect their words can have. So, we created Reword, the first real-time alert for online bullying. Using a red strikethrough to prompt young people to reconsider abusive language, Reword helps develop their moral compass by teaching them to self-regulate hurtful comments before hitting send. Within six weeks, the tool was installed on 150,000+ computers; 84% of insults were reworded; and most significantly, we saw a 67% reduction in bullying behavior per user. Reword is creating a new generation that respects each other – online and in real life.

Brand: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Client: headspace National Youth Mental Health Foundation
Agency: Leo Burnett

Support The Plans Of Our Customers By Putting Them Into Stainless Steel

Brand: BCP
Client: Banco De Credito Del Peru
Agency: Circus Grey Peru SAC

Eco Alarm

Argentina es uno de los países más deforestados en el mundo, poniendo en peligro la vida de cientos de especies. Debíamos concientizar a la población y difundir el trabajo realizado por la Fundación Banco de Bosques. En su primera semana, la campaña ya tenía un 85% más de views que la campaña online más exitosa que tienen Banco de Bosques. Hoy más del 30% del mundo se despierta con EcoAlarm. Además, la campaña generó un earned media equivalente al valor de más de 2.24 millones de pesos, con tan solo una pauta en medios de 17.000 pesos.

Brand: Banco de Bosques
Client: Banco de Bosques
Agency: Wunderman

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2018_me_2018_e-3141-041_hero_1 SNICKERS A 36-Hour Live Stream Teasing A 30-Second Live Super Bowl Commercial

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