Media Innovation - Existing Channel

This award showcases those who have the insight and creativity to change the way a particular media channel is consumed. 




How do you get a young audience focused on the Kardashians to embrace their humanity as global citizens and to care about crises half a world away? To tackle this, we built the worlds first tool enabling people to donate their social newsfeeds for a day, posting reports from the field. We partnered with influential social celebrities to launch #ShareHumanity and encourage their followings to give a voice to the voiceless. Through a network effect, we shared thousands of crisis posts, getting the word out about World Humanitarian Day, driving Millennial support and press coverage for the cause.

Brand: United Nations OCHA
Client: United Nations OCHA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Giving emotional value to a media space

MicroLoan was given 200 free poster sites on the London Underground. Our aim was to raise as much money as possible, and so we created a completely new way to donate. We raised 20,000 and helped almost 300 African businesswomen.

Brand: MicroLoan Foundation
Client: MicroLoan Foundation
Agency: MullenLowe London

Taco Bell Blackout

To introduce Taco Bells newest channel, the mobile-ordering app, we turned all of their social channels off. By depriving its hyper-engaged social audience we proved the fastest way to get their attention was to go dark. For 72 hours, Taco Bells Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Tumblr shut downeven went dark. After hours of fans and press clamoring for an explanationgarnering 2B earned impressionswe made the message clear: the new way to Taco Bell is #OnlyInTheApp. It drove more than 2.5MM customers to download the app.

Brand: Taco Bell
Client: Taco Bell
Agency: DigitasLBi San Francisco

2019_me_2019_e-3602-494_hero_1 The Home Depot Built-In Pins
2019_me_2019_e-4360-482_hero_1 Spotify David Bowie is Here
2019_me_2019_e-4404-939_hero_1 Team Gleason Robocalls from Humans

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