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Media Partnership Activation

The winners of this award will represent those advertisers and media partners that knew exactly where and how to connect with their target via the assets of a media company.




Pepsi + Empire

To reignite fan excitement around Pepsi's legacy in music we developed an authentic, fiction-meets-reality partnership with Empire that went so deep into the plot storyline that the lines between brand and entertainment were completely blurred. We challenged traditional approaches to media, content, integration and music to create an inimitable Brand story filled with surprise reveals for Empire fans, making them question whether what they were experiencing was a part of the Show, or happening in real life. Ultimately, the partnership generated sales lifts, consumer excitement, and Brand impact for Pepsi.

  • Brand: PepsiCo
  • Client: PepsiCo
  • Agency: OMD

U.S. Army Cryptaris Mission

The U.S. Army needs STEM candidates to achieve today's complex missions, but STEM candidates think they are too smart to enlist in the U.S. Army. So we built desire to join the Army by demonstrating that STEM candidates are held to the same high standards as some of the country's most elite universities. To do this, we created a challenge that only 5% of people who try can successfully complete: a percentage that intentionally mirrors the acceptance rate of the nations most elite universities.

  • Brand: U.S. Army
  • Client: U.S. Army
  • Agency: McCann New York

Night At The Conan Studio

Surprisingly, most people still havent heard of Airbnb. We developed the Night At concept with Airbnb to offer travelers totally unique bookable experiences to boost brand awareness. In a humorous twist, we created an absurd Airbnb Night At for adventurous souls to book at Conan OBriens late night talk show studio. Through original live content, social media, PR and digital media that leveraged the full array of TBS media assets interwoven with Airbnbs, we successfully generated buzz, exceeded brand awareness goals and drove an uptick in product engagement with Airbnb.com.

  • Brand: Airbnb
  • Client: Airbnb
  • Agency: Starcom
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