Media Content Partnerships

This category focuses on efforts based on partnerships between a brand and a media owner/platform to create and activate original media content beyond traditional advertising. 



History Channel America: The Story of Us Partnership

For Bank of America's campaign, multiple touch points were activated across paid, earned and owned. Seeking out seamless integration of content, mini-documentaries featuring Bank of America's relevance to the time period were placed into the America: The Story of Us series. Through mobile and online, the Ultimate History quiz was offered in conjunction with the program and included banking related questions, further aligning Bank of America with the documentary series.

Brand: Bank of America
Client: Bank of America
Agency: Starcom MediaVest Group
Language: English - Facebook Inauguration Collaboration

The Presidential Inauguration presented an equally unprecedented opportunity to not only further demonstrate our brand leadership as the place for news, but to connect and engage with our audience, allowing viewers to experience an historic event in an entirely new way.'s collaboration with Facebook offered consumers the opportunity to witness the historic event firsthand while also connecting with their friends in real-time, which made this not only a momentous occasion but also the largest event in Internet history to date.

Brand: CNN
Client: CNN, Marketing & On-Air Promotions
Agency: CNN Marketing & On-Air Promotions
Language: English

GOSSIP GIRL: real NYC stories revealed

Dove wanted to raise brand awareness and positive brand association amongst women in their twenties who juggle all the pressures of their personal and professional lives. Dove go fresh put those pressures into a refreshing perspective by pairing up with one of the most buzz-worthy shows on television - Gossip Girl. Dove partnered with the CW Network to create a microseries, featuring real women whose lives mirrored the female characters within the show. The program achieved its goal - a more positive association with the brand, and according to initial trackers, women are purchasing.

Brand: Dove
Client: Unilever
Agency: Mindshare
Language: English

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