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The Canadian Tire Ice Truck

Canadas weather is unpredictable. As Canadas Store, its up to Canadian Tire to prepare Canadians with the products necessary for all the permutations of life in Canada. For winter driving that means having a battery that can start no matter what. To demonstrate the exclusive MotoMaster Eliminator AGMs reliability, we built a dry ice machine that froze the battery to -40 and started a truck with it. But not just any truck; we custom made a fully functioning truck out of 11,000 pounds of ice.

  • Brand: Canadian Tire
  • Client: Canadian Tire Retail
  • Agency: TAXI Canada Ltd.

Keep Your Toyota A Toyota

Its a universal truth that people expect to get ripped off when visiting automotive service centers. In a category where trust is a significant competitive advantage, auto service providers seem to be actively working to undermine it. How do you increase dealer service traffic in a situation like that? You reinvent your brand, give your owners a trusted ally to help them decide to keep their Toyota a Toyota, and drive 400% higher visitation intent versus competitors, and a 9.3% repair order increase in the process.

  • Brand: Toyota Parts and Service
  • Client: Toyota Motor Sales
  • Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi LA

Drive a Firestone

Firestone existed in a cluttered category of tires and car maintenance, where competitors were urging consumers to "fix it and forget it." Firestone changed the conversation about maintaining your car from a burden, to an act of pride. They encouraged people to celebrate their older cars and to let Firestone help them run newer, longer. Over a year, tire sales increased 6.9%, Firestone had the highest jump in brand consideration among its competitors, and saw a 197% YOY improvement in website traffic.

  • Brand: Firestone
  • Client: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
  • Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
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