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Gasoline, motor oil, tires, batteries, paint, quick-lube, oil change, muffler, transmission, etc.




Brand: QLube
Client: Quaker State Minit-Lube
Agency: Chiat/Day Inc.
Language: English

You Can Learn a Lot from a Dummy

The objective of the campaign is twofold. First, to cause people to buckle up in the car until they've formed the habit of buckling up. Second, to create advertising so fresh, so exciting, that it will cause public affairs directors at media outlets to play it more often than or instead of other PSAs.

Brand: Safety Belts
Client: U.S. Dept. of Transportation/The Advertising Council
Agency: Leo Burnett Company, Inc.
Language: English


As smaller cars have become the norm, Castrol motor oil has consistently protected its position of "Engineered for smaller cars" by identifying unique and consumer meaningful benefits for the brand. Each of these has addressed a specific consumer need as determined through market research: e.g. helps engine wear, holds up/does not break down. The benefit of wear as exemplified in "Grind":30 provides Castrol a meaningful extension of its performance positioning in a framework consistent with the brand's heritage. In combination with thermal/viscosity breakdown, wear exemplifies the threat of imminent engine failure and its effect over time, as such it represents another relevant benefit in Castrol's long term positioning.

Brand: Castrol
Client: Castrol
Agency: Scali, McCabe, Sloves, Inc.
Language: English

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