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Car Creation

You trawl through your competitors product disclosure statements and discover that many dont insure drivers for parts that are covered as standard in NRMA Insurances policy. From this you devise an incredibly risky idea to build a working car out of all the parts that other insurers dont cover. 12 weeks later youve got a working car built from scratch using over 30,000 individual parts and, an ecstatic client whose campaign delivered 3.3m enquires, an ROI of 129%; all the while dropping cost per call by 255%.

Brand: NRMA Insurance
Client: Insurance Australia Group
Agency: Whybin\TBWA
Language: English

Drive a Firestone

Firestone existed in a cluttered category of tires and car maintenance, where competitors were urging consumers to "fix it and forget it." Firestone changed the conversation about maintaining your car from a burden, to an act of pride. They encouraged people to celebrate their older cars and to let Firestone help them run newer, longer. Over a year, tire sales increased 6.9%, Firestone had the highest jump in brand consideration among its competitors, and saw a 197% YOY improvement in website traffic.

Brand: Firestone
Client: Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc Worldwide
Language: English

The Return of the Armor All Viking

In a fragmented and declining category, Armor All dug deep into what makes car enthusiasts care so much for their cars. What we found is that they all lived by the same code: how they care for their stuff is a reflection of who they are. We learned that inside every man was a Viking waiting to be unleashed. We then reintroduced the Armor All Viking in TV spots, online and mobile video a hero who demands that men take care of their things, especially their cars.

Brand: Armor All
Client: Armored AutoGroup
Agency: DDB California
Language: English

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