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STP & Go

STP is an American icon. But after years of virtually no advertising support, the old red, white and blue was beginning to fade. Our challenge was to rev up the brand's product perception and grow sales. The STP & Go campaign highlighted a simple, universal truth with car guys: the moment that counts is when you step on the gas. Not only did we see an increase in sales, the category grew by 3%, dollar sales were up 27.8% and online conversations around STP nearly doubled.

Brand: STP
Client: Armored Auto Group
Agency: DDB San Francisco
Language: English

Show Me the Carfax

The fear and anxiety that typified the used car shopping experience has been assuaged. Now consumers, armed with just four little words are immune to the well-honed manipulations of a disreputable used car salesman. Saying "Show Me The Carfax" gave people the power to protect themselves, their money and their families from getting stuck with an unreliable or unsafe vehicle. And it didn't cost them a thing. All they had to do was ask for it. And they did, and continue to do so in increasing numbers.

Brand: Carfax
Client: Carfax, Inc.
Agency: Zimmerman Advertising
Language: English

Helios Power

BP's Helios Power was a true 360 campaign that challenged all industry conventions. Candid messages, animated characters, unexpected placements, selfless deeds all transcended the industry stereotypes and collectively proved that BP was a station well worth a second look and even a left turn. BP's voice was warm, humble, and the message was motivating. Consumer preference rose. Station owners' pride grew. And BP saw that in an industry with such low expectations, "a little better" truly could go a long way.

Brand: BP
Client: BP America Inc.
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

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