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Hybridizing Toyota sales.

Even though hybrid vehicles are the future of automobiles and Toyota, we don’t remain passive. We used infomercials to debunk hybrid myths and replace them with hybrid advantages. The future has become the present: campaign led to 50% increase in hybrid sales (3 out of 10 cars) and we the end up 2017 year with 70% growth of hybrid cars.

Brand: Toyota
Client: Toyota Motor Poland
Agency: The&Partnership

Share The Love

Every holiday season, Subaru faces a conundrum: how to compete for sales while every other auto manufacturer spends millions on incentives? The answer? Sell love, not the car. Subaru donates $250 to charity for every vehicle purchased during its Share the Love event. It’s a new thought in the automotive space: instead of more money in our pocket, put it in the pocket of those who need it most. Another radical thought? Don’t include a single vehicle in the advertising.  The result was the largest sales month in company history.

Brand: Subaru of America
Client: Subaru of America
Agency: Carmichael Lynch

Testdrive The Commercial

With the new model Volvo V90, Volvo is trying to conquer a place in the luxury breaks segment strongly dominated by German competitors Audi A6, Mercedes E-class and BMW 5-series, which have been very visible and successful for years. A dominance that mainly manifests itself in high awareness and a strong, positive brand opinion and image.
With V90, Volvo focuses on a new target group, a cosmopolitan audience looking for a balanced lifestyle. They are loyal to the break type and want a functional car that must also be comfortably luxurious. The car is also an image symbol for them, an expression of their urge for sophistication and differentiation.
To convince this demanding target group to consider the new and as yet unknown Volvo V90, a purely positioning campaign was not the right option. An activating approach was needed to get the target group faster and closer to the car. Generating test drives was therefore our main objective.

Brand: Volvo Cars Belgium
Client: Volvo Cars
Agency: Famousgrey

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