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Unique- Extracto Divino

Un poderoso insight y un ingrediente innovador dan vida a Extracto Divino, con un plan de comunicación 360° basado en mujeres de 55 años a más, logra consolidar a UNIQUE como marca líder del mercado de Tratamiento facial y del segmento Antiedad.

Brand: Extracto Divino- Concentrado reactivador de juventud
Client: UNIQUE Perú SA
Agency: Yanbal International - Comunicaciones
Language: Spanish


Following a record-breaking 2015 that made their iconic ‘Superstar’ the best selling shoe in the world, adidas Originals bet its business on expanding beyond retro-cool heritage by introducing its first entirely new shoe design - the ‘NMD’. Despite a lack of mega-celebrity support, our work established the NMD as the symbol of the brand’s future, and an inspiration for a new generation to create a future of their own, resulting in the most successful product launch in Original’s history - selling more shoes, with greater ROI, than any previous effort.

Brand: adidas Originals
Client: adidas
Agency: Johannes Leonardo
Language: English

L'Oréal vs Laser

L’Oréal Revitalift is Australia’s leading anti-aging product range; however we discovered that Australia overtook America for per capita spending on cosmetic procedures. The truth is that our biggest competitor isn’t in the beauty category. To launch L’Oréal Revitalift Laser X3 we had to prove we could deliver the results our audience wanted without the pain and expense. We conducted a world-first comparison, on the same face. Laser on one side and L’Oréal on the other. The results were visible on our volunteer’s face and in record sales for L’Oréal Revitalift.

Brand: Revitalift Laser x3
Client: L'Oréal
Agency: McCann Melbourne
Language: English

2020_us_2020_e-5091-826_hero_1 Reebok Sport The Unexpected Campaign
2019_mn_2019_018_hero_1 Olay WHIPS OLAY WHIPS #LIGHTASAIR
2019_mn_2019_019_hero_1 Maybelline Egypt Fit Me As I Am

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