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The introduction of the first ever television campaign in the U.S. represented a major milestone for brand Guinness. The goal was to capture greater share of mind and menu for a brand with limited awareness and significant perceptual barriers and do so in the midst of the most intense competitive activity Guinness has faced to date. For the target of 'taste beer' drinker, searching for their next great beer "discovery", the unique sensory experience of the Guinness ritual was brought to life through a juxtaposition of product stimulus/drinker response. The sensory effect and sensual reward of the Guinness experience follows from each step in ordering, waiting for and, finally, taking your first sip of Guinness.

Brand: Guinness
Client: Guinness UDV
Agency: Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano Inc.
Language: English

The Amstels from Amsterdam: Open For Anything Are You?

In major cities, Amstel Light was a somewhat popular but unapproachable product declining in market share while the light and imported categories were experiencing strong growth. In order to rejuvenate the product and grow it to a big brand, the decision was made to bring Amstel Bier and Amstel 1870 from Amsterdam. The idea of Amsterdam heritage was compelling to our target audience because the city is seen as the most open-minded city in the world. The strategy of the campaign was to make the Amstel Brand stand for open mindedness which was achieved through the conflict between the open for anything attitude of Amstel and the close mindedness of Garrison Boyd and American's For Disciplined Behavior.

Brand: Amstel
Agency: Wells Rich Greene BDDP Inc.
Language: English

Original Sin

With 20% market share and 0% share of voice, Sauza's Tres Generaciones represented an under leveraged, latent brand in the increasingly competitive super premium tequila market. With distribution in place, the marketing task now was to establish a strong consumer proposition that would expand the brand's presence and positioning beyond the spirits aficionado. Accordingly, a program was designed with event stature that was more than just advertising, focusing on both Tres' inherent tequila values and the premium nature of the brand.

Brand: Tres Generaciones Tequila Sauza
Client: Domecq Importers, Inc.
Agency: Weiss, Whitten, Stagliano Inc.
Language: English

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