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Right Beer Now II

The Coors Light "Right Beer Now II" campaign aimed to dramatically increase the brand's rate of growth (already well above the average for the light beer category) by dramatizing that Coors Light is "the beer for these times." Targeting both men and women beer drinkers who've become increasingly conscious of their desire to experience the social benefits of alcohol consumption without the loss of control, the campaign features active, fit young adult beer drinkers enjoying the natural refreshment of Coors Light beer...the one that won't "slow you down." Part of this brand's effort was the beer industry's only major brand-specific responsible-drinking advertising.

Brand: Coors Light
Client: Coors Brewing Company
Agency: Foote, Cone & Belding/Chicago

What Are You Saving the Chivas For?

The "What are you saving the Chivas for?" campaign addresses the needs to stabilize Chivas Regal's volume decline and increase Chivas' share of market within the Foreign Bottled Scotch Whiskey Category. The campaign also addresses obstacles facing Chivas- increasing consumer perceptions of appropriate Chivas Regal usage occasions and consumer reticence in ordering the product in bars or restaurants due to fears of appearing pretentious.

Brand: Chivas Regal
Client: House of Seagram
Agency: DDB Needham Worldwide, Inc.

Hotlanta Needs The Cold One

The Miller Genuine Draft "Hotlanta Needs The Cole One" campaign was introduced in May 1989 to build awareness, trial, and preference of the brand and to make the brand a more socially acceptable choice among male beer drinkers in the market. The campaign associated the brand with the essence of the city by situating the product in recognizable local settings in the hands of contemporary young adults.

Brand: Miller Genuine Draft
Client: Miller Brewing Co.
Agency: Backer Spielvogel Bates

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