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The aim of the campaign was to gain leadership in the specialty category to stabilize sales of the entire Żywiec brand and not to succumb to downward trends in the beer category. The challenge was to create communication that would strongly deepen the trial of each Żywiec variant, with the consumer fearful of experimenting. We decided to tame the variants using brewers. As a result, Żywiec gained the No 1 position in craffs and ensuring its primacy in the most important dimension for Żywiec, i.e. "the best Polish beer".

Brand: zywiec
Client: Grupa zywiec
Agency: 2012

Dziki Sad - flavors of the orchard

The aim of the campaign was to strengthen the position of the Dziki Sad brand in the flavoured beers category and to reduce the distance to the leader of the category. Thanks to the unique communication, based on the authenticity of the orchard, the orchard family and the craftsmanship of the facility manufacturing Dziki Sad, we have achieved spectacular image results, 297% sales dynamics, and our launch of the flavour variant - Dziki Sad Śliwka (plum) - has left a new variant of the category leader behind.

Brand: Dziki Sad
Client: Grupa zywiec
Agency: 2012

Fighting Spirit Stories

Modelo has been successful by growing with core Hispanic consumers. However in 2016, we were approaching the end of that runway. To further grow, we needed to drive penetration with a new audience and not alienate our core Hispanic brand lovers. To do that, we identified a compelling, unifying and culturally relevant insight that grew the brand with new audiences while maintaining loyalty with Hispanic brand lovers. How? By proving that even in today’s divided America, it doesn’t matter where you come from, it matters what you’re made of.

Brand: Modelo
Client: Constellation Brands
Agency: Ogilvy

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