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Hotlanta Needs The Cold One

The Miller Genuine Draft "Hotlanta Needs The Cole One" campaign was introduced in May 1989 to build awareness, trial, and preference of the brand and to make the brand a more socially acceptable choice among male beer drinkers in the market. The campaign associated the brand with the essence of the city by situating the product in recognizable local settings in the hands of contemporary young adults.

Brand: Miller Genuine Draft
Client: Miller Brewing Co.
Agency: Backer Spielvogel Bates

Savor the Taste of Time

After years of allowing this classic brand's image and sales to slowly erode, Pinch was re-launched in 1989 as a 15 year-old scotch with upgraded labels and packaging. The brand's main asset- its unique bottle shape- was maintained. As part of the re-launch, the new campaign, "Savor the taste of time" was created, which kept the focus squarely on the new product and packaging. The re-launch's goal was to restore the brand to its former glory in the mind of the consumer, thereby building share and sales despite a steadily declining category.

Brand: Pinch
Client: Schenley Industries Inc.
Agency: Grey Advertising, Inc.

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