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No Is Beautiful

Pure Leaf’s sales were plateauing in a decelerating category. We needed to buck category norms and forge an emotional connection with consumers to maintain and grow our leadership position. We found a commonality in our tea making process and audience’s lives: “simplifying can be hard, but the right No allows you to focus on what makes life, and tea, better”. No Is Beautiful garnered beautiful results: doubling category growth and outpacing the category for the entire year, increasing top of mind awareness, and getting people to talk about Pure Leaf.

Brand: Pure Leaf
Client: Pepsi-Lipton
Agency: DDB New York
Language: English

The Charli

Cold brew is the fastest growing opportunity in the coffee space, largely driven by Generation Z’s passion for it. But as cold brew demand grew, Dunkin’ wasn’t keeping up with Starbucks. To drive relevance and trial, Dunkin' named a cold brew menu item after Charli D’Amelio, Dunkin' cold brew fanatic and TikTok’s biggest star. We developed a purely social/digital campaign with Charli to attract new customers to Dunkin's cold brew. The campaign had an immediate positive impact on cold brew sales and established a new generation’s affinity for Dunkin’.

Brand: Dunkin'
Client: Dunkin Brands
Agency: BBDO New York
Language: English

Fueling Fandom in Fansville

In hopes of defying a struggling category, Dr Pepper renewed their College Football sponsorship. There were many things we couldn’t do around the game, like show players or logos. But there was much we could do around fans. Instead of focusing on the field, we turned our attention to the bleachers, parking lots and couches of America to celebrate the irrationality of fans. We became the Gatorade of fandom and, despite soda sales declining for the 14th consecutive year, we saw an unprecedented +3.4% lift in dollar sales.

Brand: Dr Pepper
Client: Keurig Dr Pepper
Agency: Deutsch LA
Language: English

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