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Diet and non-diet soda, coffee, tea, juices, milk, milk substitutes bottled water, sparkling water, etc.



Nectar - Već 20 godina nije svejedno!

Brand: Nectar - Već 20 godina nije svejedno!
Client: Nectar D.O.O.
Agency: Ovation BBDO

A Confrontation of Worlds

Pepsi stopped chasing traditional family values and declared that they were the choice of a new generation. As of August 2015, the situation was as follows: Coca-Cola (49.7%) vs. Pepsi (42.8%). Pepsi took that as a challenge. They wanted to become the first market in the region where Pepsi Cola overtook Coca Cola. We are well aware that, in Ukraine, the traditionalists are in the majority. So we had to change their behavior, forcing them to make a choice in favor of Pepsi in everyday life, during the season and on holidays. We needed to take the cola market and shake it. That way, bubbles would pour out of the nose of our competitors when they looked at the reports. We had to catch up and overtake a competitor, which meant to grow at least by 10% (average values). Pepsi decided to inspire people to live how they want, without regard for what's acceptable and while ignoring haters and traditions. We constantly reminded how important each moment of life was: if you live it, you'll be satisfied, and won't worry about what others think of you. Pepsi aimed to grow at least 10% (average values); it grew by 13.3%! According to the results of 2018: Pepsi - 48.7%, Cola Cola - 46.7% (Volumes YTD'18, January-September). The highest result was in August 2018, Pepsi's share grew by 17.5%: Pepsi - 50.3%, Coca Cola - 44.9%. Thus, Pepsi became a market leader in Ukraine and the very first market in the EER region, in which Pepsi was able to beat Coca Cola.

Brand: Pepsi Cola
Client: PepsiCo
Agency: BBDO Ukraine

Naturaleza Intacta

Villavicencio es la marca líder en la categoría aguas puras. Sin embargo, a partir de 2014, comenzó a decrecer en participación debido a la crisis económica y a la aparición de las marcas B.La marca necesitaba justificar su valor reafirmando su posicionamiento: la única agua mineral de reserva natural protegida con más de 100 años de historia. Así relanzamos Villavicencio, poniendo en valor un agua que mantiene su naturaleza intacta. Y en base a nuestro insight: La naturaleza inspira a la tecnología.Porque la naturaleza es perfecta. Nuestra tecnología solo intenta imitarla.La campaña estuvo integrada por un comercial, una nueva identidad visual, logo, packaging, POP, Vía pública, digital y on premise.Alcanzó excelentes resultados, cumplimos nuestro objetivo de participación en valor y volumen. Tuvimos alto awareness e impacto, logramos buen entendimiento de nuestro mensaje  y construimos valor de marca a largo plazo.

Brand: Villavicencio
Client: Danone
Agency: Young & Rubicam Argentina

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