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Dayfresh Flavoured Milk

Flavored milk is a small segment within packaged dairy. To grow, the way forward wasn’t to grab a greater share of a smaller pie. Growing kids don’t like milk thinking it to be kiddish rather they opt for more “in” drinks with the youth. Competing with energy drinks and sodas wasn’t easy.  We needed to transform the category. To do so, we positioned Dayfresh FM as a ‘cool’ drink for the youth. Our efforts paid off. We gained a 222% volume growth and were well differentiated on all coolness attributes

Brand: Dayfresh Flavoured Milk
Client: Dairyland Ltd.
Agency: Firebolt63 (pvt.) Ltd.


In 2018 Lipton Ice Tea, leader of category, had to return growth tendency to category, increase sales within a changed competitive landscape. Following the trend of interest to the country and culture, the brand launched flavors developed for Russia: ’sea-buckthorn’ and ‘blueberry’. The campaign started with a song performed by rapper Feduk, rolled out further at events with bloggers, ‘Afisha Picnic’ festival, digital-media special projects about re-discovering Russia. The effective launch returned growth to category (+18% already in 1st half-year), over-achieved the sales plan and increased BrandLove indicator +3pp.

Brand: Lipton Ice Tea
Client: PepsiCo holdings LLC
Agency: ORANGE

Coke & Music 2017

Coca-Cola has been exploring the music platform effectively for a decade now, through Coke Studio. However, this was not directly proportional to the transactions. Starting this year, the brand initiated a parallel campaign celebrating Pakistani music, through all mediums available. This impact was phenomenal in terms of recruitment and driving the BLS score to an all-time high.

Brand: Coke & Music 2017
Client: Coca Cola Pakistan
Agency: Ogilvy Pakistan

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