Beverages - Non-Alcohol

Diet and non-diet soda, coffee, tea, juices, milk, milk substitutes bottled water, sparkling water, etc.




Brand: Oasis
Client: Orangina Schweppes Suntory
Agency: Marcel

Faces of the City

China has over 240 cities, each with their own distinct cultures and dialects. How could Coca- Cola be relevant in all of them? By celebrating what makes all China’s cities special: the people. With a strong cultural insight and packaging design idea, Coca- Cola Faces of the City more than doubled sales for the Coca- Cola sleek can format.

Brand: Coca-Cola
Client: Coca Cola China
Agency: McCann

MengNiu ----Nest compass

During the 2018 Spring Festival,Mengniu Pure Milk developed a virtual compass, named "Nest Compass". Neither pointing north nor south, it always pointed home. Using the Compass, consumers could see the distance away from home, and could also exchange the “distance” to corresponding purchase discount. This campaign successfully solved the major problems that Mengniu Pure Milk’s lack of the role in the festival market, and overstock product in the off-season market.

Brand: MengNiu Milk
Client: Mengniu
Agency: Hylink

2019_us_2019_e-4071-107_hero_1 Country Time Country Time Legal-Ade
2019_co_2019_e-248-228_hero_1 7UP Cada Quien Hace Con Su Cooler Lo Que Quiera
2019_co_2019_e-601-622_hero_1 El dispositivo que para conectarnos no necesita Internet. El Dispositivo Que Para Conectarnos No Necesita Internet.

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