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Childrens universe opening up

Care for water-intake regime of children is an important part of Svyatoy Istochnik brand strategy. It is very difficult to teach them to drink pure water without tasty additives and additional components. Svyatoy Istochnik brand has undertaken a responsible mission, helping parents to foster in children this useful habit and educate a new healthy generation of consumers. Thus, thaking into account that children are interested in animated films and toys, and health and safe food for their children is important for parents, it was necessary to combine these interests in one solution and dispel the myth that it is not interesting to drink water! Product packaging with the use of Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters has become a solution.

Brand: Svyatoy Istochnik
Client: IDS Borjomi LLC
Agency: Smartica

Yorkshire Tea

It’s hard to get sleep-shopping UK tea buyers to switch their brand of brew, but that’s exactly what Yorkshire needed to do. Yorkshire Tea is a place ‘Where everything’s done proper’, so to prove this we hired a series of famously talented celebrities to perform menial tasks around the company’s headquarters. The campaign woke tea buyers up to Yorkshire’s superior quality and the brand overtook Tetley to become Britain’s second favourite cuppa.

Brand: Yorkshire Tea
Client: Yorkshire Tea
Agency: Lucky Generals

Activ Vietnam

Milo’s consumption was stagnant, while other high-spending milk brands had started attacking the “energy” position. Milo needed to grow beyond its product story and stand for the true brand value: Sports as a great teacher for kid’s life success. However, Vietnamese moms thought sports were irrelevant to their kids’ future achievement. Instead of inserting sports as an add-on to its nutrition communication, Milo dedicatedly showed how sports could help kids become real champions in life. The campaign helped Milo grow again and become a much more relevant brand.

Brand: MILO
Client: Nestlé MILO Vietnam
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Vietnam

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