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Own the Controversy

We were tasked with selling Jeff Koons' Rabbit, the very first of his mirrored balloon animals. Fraught with contradiction since it landed on earth in 1986, we leaned into the controversy to spark debate and encourage bidding among the few. We sold the Ultimate Icon for $91.1MM, $30MM above the initial estimate. Rabbit set a world record for the sale of a Jeff Koons piece, a world record for sculpture, and a world record for the sale of a work by any living artist.

Brand: Christie's
Client: Christie's New York
Agency: LIDA
Language: English

Duceppe Repositioning

Times are tough for the theatre sector in Quebec: Attendance and revenue are decreasing, and seasonal memberships are declining in popularity, while the availability continues to rise. The DUCEPPE Theatre in particular has seen a consistent drop in revenue for over 15 years, but thanks to strategic repositioning, DUCEPPE is back on the path to profitability. Beyond curbing the decline, it has seen an increase in memberships as well as an increase in ticket sales. Plus, younger customers have now become interested and engaged with the brand.

Brand: Duceppe
Client: Duceppe
Agency: Publicis Montreal
Language: English, French

$450 million: Selling Da Vinci's Salvator Mundi

True artistic mastery will always command high prices, but appealing to emotion and ego can create a bidding war for the record books. In this case, the sale of “The Last Da Vinci”, or Salvator Mundi, for $450 million. The highest price ever paid for a piece of art.

Brand: Christie’s
Client: Christie's New York
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

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