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"The reader" is a large cultural and emotional program launched by CCTV, which is played by the famous host Qing Dong as the producer, and is broadcast jointly by the CCTV integrated channel with the golden time of the variety channel. The first season has been broadcast.

Brand: The Reader
Client: CCTV
Agency: Hand in Hand


Brand: Tribord
Client: Tribord

Van Gogh BnB

The "Van Gogh's Bedrooms" exhibition generated the highest attendance at the museum in 15 years. "Van Gogh BnB" delivered a first-of-its kind brand experience -- building a replica of the artists 1888 "Bedroom" painting, and through Airbnb, inviting people to book a night inside. "Van Gogh BnB" generated over $8.6MM in earned media, amplifying paid media reach by 5,224% -- scaling it globally. A record 4,872 patrons visited the museum daily in the first six weeks -- beating daily goals of 2,930 by 66%.Most importantly, local Chicago museum attendance was up 161% vs. YA (2015). 

Brand: Art Institute of Chicago
Client: Art Institute of Chicago
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc

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2017_na_2017_e-1535-798_hero_1 The Dalí Museum Dreams of Dalí

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