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Van Gogh BnB

The "Van Gogh's Bedrooms" exhibition generated the highest attendance at the museum in 15 years. "Van Gogh BnB" delivered a first-of-its kind brand experience -- building a replica of the artists 1888 "Bedroom" painting, and through Airbnb, inviting people to book a night inside. "Van Gogh BnB" generated over $8.6MM in earned media, amplifying paid media reach by 5,224% -- scaling it globally. A record 4,872 patrons visited the museum daily in the first six weeks -- beating daily goals of 2,930 by 66%.Most importantly, local Chicago museum attendance was up 161% vs. YA (2015). 

  • Brand: Art Institute of Chicago
  • Client: Art Institute of Chicago
  • Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc

MPM: Big Is Here

The Milwaukee Public Museum's situation was dire. For years, they'd been struggling with declining attendance, huge financial losses and a perception of being old and boring. To make matters worse, they were launching a new exhibit on one of the oldest, most played-out subjects possible dinosaur fossils. But by treating the exhibit launch as more Hollywood than museum, dinosaurs were literally brought to life on the streets of Milwaukee. #BigIsHere captured an entire city's curiosity and resulted in the most successful traveling exhibit in a decade.

  • Brand: Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Client: Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Agency: Cramer-Krasselt

The Next Generation

This is the story about how an insight into typography helped a 65-year-old organization earn the enthusiasm of increasingly indifferent twenty-somethings.

  • Brand: Type Directors Club (TDC)
  • Client: Type Directors Club
  • Agency: Collins
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