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Boot or Bust

We tossed a Lenovo laptop out of an airplane. The 10-second boot-up time of RapidBoot technology and an attached parachute, which deployed when triggered by specially designed software that opened the DVD drawer after boot-up, allowed the Lenovo to land safely. From 12,500 feet. Thousands of viewers saw the footage and are now considering Lenovo.

Brand: Lenovo
Client: Lenovo
Agency: McKinney

Photography Beyond the Still

Canon was locked in an arms race with its closest competitor, Nikon, for dominance in the DSLR camera category and had fallen behind. Canon had a compelling new featurefull HD videobut how to get consumers to look at the functionality of their product in an entirely new way? "Beyond The Still"generated excitement and buzz for a new capability that led to a 10-point leap in dollar market share, reclaimed Canon's #1 position, and spearheaded a visionary user-generated video contest that generated more than 57 million media impressions.

Brand: Canon EOS Cameras
Client: Canon USA, Inc.
Agency: Grey

It Only Does Everything

Once an industry leader, PlayStation stumbled when it launched the PS3. It was too expensive and too intimidating, so people didn't understand everything it could do beyond gaming, like Blu-ray movies, video downloading, wi-fi and more. Our communication strategy needed to deliver this information and in a brand voice that welcomed a wider audience while also staying credible with core gamers. Since its launch, the 'It Only Does Everything' campaign, featuring the likable Kevin Butler, has boosted PS3 sales by 65% and made PlayStation into an iconic brand once again.

Brand: Sony PlayStation
Client: Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc.
Agency: Deutsch Los Angeles

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