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LG Mobile Phones Fashion Campaign

When LG entered the U.S. cell phone market in early 2004, the market was slowing and the target audience of 18-24-year olds, was difficult to reach. Knowing that this group could be motivated by a sense of being "in the know," the creative turned LG handsets into "the mobile phone to know," both in communication messaging and touch points. The campaign resulted in more than a 40% increase in revenue, 60% increase in unit sales and a significant increase in brand awareness and differentiation.

Brand: LG Electronics
Client: LG Electronics MobileComm USA
Agency: BrandBuzz
Language: English

Emotion in Motion

This campaign was meant to re-ignite relevance and value in the camcorder category, stop the industry slide and reverse Sony's unit declines by reminding consumers of the nuance and emotion that can only be captured through moving video. The ad message focused on the ease of capturing and sharing memories, while the promotion component enhanced this message by supplying DVD mailers for easy sharing. The effort exceeded business objectives.

Brand: Sony Handycam
Client: Sony Electronics Inc.
Agency: Bagby and Company
Language: English


Digital music was a mess. Fans were stealing. record companies were suing. Artists couldn't get paid. But Apple had created iPod and the iTunes Music Store, a solution that worked for everyone. Our insight: what really mattered was the music itself. Using iPod as the icon, our campaign celebrated the promise of digital music, not it's controversy. Apple invited everyone to the party. To date, Apple has sold 5.9 million iPods and 150 million songs.

Brand: Apple
Client: Apple Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Language: English

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