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Creative Urges

The "Creative Urges" campaign established Imation as a viable consumer optical media brand by providing a consistent, relevant message to both retailers and consumers. Utilizing all forms of communications - from advertising to in-store displays to sales rep presentations - Imation demonstrated to the marketplace its commitment on building consumer and retail awareness.

Brand: Imation Corporation
Client: Imation Corporation
Agency: LBWorks, a Leo Burnett Co.
Language: English

The instigator

On the brink of becoming a fad, i-Zone from Polaroid needed to become an enduring proposition to survive. Te typical role of "camera as facilitator of connections" was no longer enough. teens need to belong, but when marketers create ads that simply shows "teen connections" it is transparent, superficial and soooo unreal. The campaign positions i=Zone as The Instigator and depicts teens using i-Zone in creative and provocative ways so that it incites the target's own ingenuity, their own unique and practical tool for connecting. The Instigator has given i-Zone an integral role in teens' lives far beyond the superficial, and acknowledged as an enduring proposition for Polaroid Corporation.

Brand: i-Zone from Polaroid
Client: Polaroid Corporation
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

Visor is

In the fall of 2000 the handheld computer category was defined and owned by one mane Palm. handspring, as the only startup in the mix, was fighting for a distant second place amongst pack of established consumer electronics brands such as Sony, Compaq, Casio and HP. The goals for the "Visor IS" campaign were to break out of the second place pack and establish a distinct personality for Visor. the campaign exceeded all of our expectations, making Visor one of the fastest selling consumer electronics devices in history and establishing the Visor brand as a fresh alternative to the completion.

Brand: Handspring Visor
Client: Handspring,Inc
Agency: Leo Burnett USA
Language: English

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