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Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch

To support a launch of a new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy Note9 and to increase Samsung’s market share in the premium segment, 3 influencers were selected, each of them was relevant to the millennial mentality: journalist Leonid Parfenov, designer Vika Gazinskaya and entrepreneur Alexey Gisak. Videos of influencers were done in the native storytelling format, clearly showed how the smartphone responds to TA insight - “I don’t like it when something slows me down on the road to success.” 2 types of CRM/CDM/DMP of the segmentation model were applied to increase the effectiveness of advertising communication

Brand: Samsung
Client: Samsung Electronics
Agency: Cheil Russia
Language: English, Russian

The Philips Speedpro Max lets influencers get dirty and have some fun

Every Singaporean has complained about shrinking HDBs. Due to this, Philips developed a new product - faster and stronger than Dyson. But we needed people to believe it. As you move into adulthood and parenthood, you spend most of your life cleaning up after others and it isn't fun. So we created the most fun cleaning ad you’ll ever watch, to showcase that with Philips, cleaning up is so quick and easy, it could be fun. One social post achieved our total KPIs, and the product was sold out within three days.

Brand: Philips
Client: Philips
Agency: Iris Singapore
Language: English

Be The Pro #WithGalaxy

In a highly competitive category, with minor perceived distinctiveness, we needed to reposition our camera in a locally relevant manner.
Through research we understood that the consumers were impressed with the DSLR-like pro-grade features of our phone, so we created a campaign, Be the pro #WithGalaxy that educated consumers on the pro-like photos our phone could take and inspired them to go create their own pro photos with ease.
This resulted in increased engagement rate and purchase intent, improvement of camera perception and drove market share up.

Brand: Samsung Gulf Electronics
Client: Samsung Gulf Electronics
Agency: Cheil MEA

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