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Out With The Old Cam. In With The Sharp Viewcam

The Sharp Viewcam has expanded its role of being the most successfull product introductions in the consumer electronics category. The "Out With The Cam In With The Sharp Viewcam" advertising campaign was a part of a synergie marketing communications program that led the Sharp Viewcam to incredible sales and donimance in ths LCD viewscreen camcorder market.

Brand: Sharp Viewcam
Client: Sharp Electronics Corporation
Agency: Griffin Bacal Inc.

The Puttermans

The Puttermans are a plastic family who run on Duracell batteries, and were created to build on the likeability of Duracell's long running "Toys" campaign, as well as to act as brand spokespeople who personify Duracell brand values, The Puttermans goals were to protect Duracell's leadership in the marketplace and to curb the threat posed by their competitor's hard-hitting, memorable advertising campaign: the Energizer Bunny.

Brand: Duracell
Client: Duracell USA
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide


The Introduction of DSS not only represented the chance for RCA to claim leadership in the emerging digital technology arena but also offered the badly-needed opportunity to rejuvenate the RCA brand in terms of high-tech/cutting edge imagery. Helping to achieve these important imagery shifts in conjunction with driving ambitious DSS and large screen TV sales was a monumental task for a new product that suffered from virtually no awareness prior to launch. Despite the high standards, the campaign delivered beyond expectations. It played an integral role in the most successful consumer electronics product launch in history, helped to increase large screen TV sales and gave RCA a shot in the arm in terms of consumer perception.

Brand: RCA
Client: Thomson Consumer Electronics
Agency: Ammirati Puris Lintas

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