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The 8-Hour Notebook

In order to re-establish Dell's creditability as a portables manufacturer and to generate sales, Dell launched a print campaign in August, 1994 which focused on its superior battery life. Using Dell's battery technology story and the results of battery life tests against major competitors, Dell launched a campaign which intended to position their Dell Latitude XP as the 8 Hour notebook. The results of the campaign to date have been extraordinarily successful, with leads and sales surpassing all forecasts.

Brand: Dell Latitude XP
Client: Dell, Inc.
Agency: Goldberg Moser O'Neill

Got Milk ?

Milk consumption had declined steadily throughout the United States for many years, and in California, average household consumption has gone down by 20% since 1980. Spending their own money in an attempt to stem this decline, the milk processors of California launched the "Got Milk?" campaign, which was based on the idea that milk is the perfect complement to certain foods, and that without milk, the food is ruined. This "deprivation" campaign has succeeded in increasing household milk consumption in California (while the rest of the U.S. continued to decline) and increasing California milk sales by 7.5 million gallons over the previous year, the first time that a milk campaign has achieved such a turnaround.

Brand: California Fluid Milk Processors Advisory Board
Client: California Fluid Milk Processors Advisory Board
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

We See Farther

UNUM is the worldwide leader in disability insurance, but suffered from extremely low awareness and familiarity among both customers and non customers alike. Faced with increasing competition from better known, bigger spending rivals, UNUM sought to position itself, specifically, as the leader in disability insurance and, generally, as a visionary company whose products are designed to take care of the uncertainties we all face in the future, whether we sell insurance, buy insurance, or are covered by insurance and don't know it. Despite being heavily outspent, the campaign succeeded in building awareness, establishing UNUM as the leader in disability insurance and beyond, and helped to increase policy renewals by 112%, group sales by 31%, and the number of active brokers selling UNUM policies by 20%, since the campaign broke.

Brand: UNUM
Client: UNUM Corporation
Agency: Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

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