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Unexpected IKEA

IKEA sales began to decline, because buyers perceived the goods and style of IKEA, as monotonous, predictable, not suitable for creating unique interior solutions. To convince them, IKEA recreated with the help of its products interiors from five famous literary works. As a result of the campaign, the attitude towards IKEA changed significantly, it came to be perceived as diverse and original. The number of visitors in stores increased to 8.4 million people, and on the ikea.ru site - by 39%. The number of customers who made shopping lists on the ikea.ru site also increased by 47%.

Brand: IKEA
Client: IKEA
Agency: Instinct
Language: English, Russian

Get Closer

Bose had lost momentum to Beats, who had shifted the drivers in the headphones category from the listening experience to style and fashion. We identified a culturally-relevant role for Bose’s listening experience: to help consumers connect more deeply to their passions. The creatives refined this positioning into the campaign idea “Get Closer”. To bring it to life for the QuietComfort35 launch, we emptied the streets of London except for one woman expressing her musical passion through a mesmerizing dance. By campaign end, Bose overtook Beats to become the category leader.

Brand: Bose
Client: Bose
Agency: Grey London
Language: English

El día que Huawei dejó de vender celulares

Porque con apenas el 20% de presupuesto asignado al lanzamiento en canal del año anterior y justo cuando la devaluación del dólar generaba una desaceleración en el ritmo de cambio de equipos que hacían los colombianos superamos la expectativa de ventas del nuevo Huawei P9 gracias a una arriesgada decisión estratégica: Vender cámaras fotográficas en lugar de celulares.

Brand: Huawei
Client: Huawei Technologies Colombia SAS
Agency: Sistole
Language: Spanish

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