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Taking a Bite out of Apple

In the summer of 2012, Samsung Mobile was launching the Galaxy S III smartphone four short months before Apple's eagerly anticipated iPhone 5 launch. Samsung Mobile was tasked with gaining overall marketshare for its new flagship device and stealing Apple's thunder. Fueled by an integrated digital campaign that brought the unique sharing features of the GS III to life online and across major cities nationwide, Samsung Mobile sold over 5.5MM handsets - surpassing sales goals for the launch by 89% and outselling Apple during the 3-month launch period.

Brand: Samsung Mobile USA
Client: Samsung Telecommunications America
Agency: Razorfish

"Let's Build A Smarter Planet"

As IBM reached its Centennial, ensuring strong results was essential, so the task for communications was to Turn Mindshare into Market Share. IBMs Smarter Planet Agenda is a true example of a companys strategic direction in perfect alignment with its marketing, and now that agenda needed to become tangible and actionable: we needed to show The Smarter Planet is Now. Presenting this unified vision across every channel and touch-point, we step-changed perceptions and drove a 37% increase in revenue, with a campaign that paid back media dollars 10x in profit.

Brand: IBM
Client: IBM Corporation
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

The Inside Experience

Intel and Toshiba partnered to promote a laptop line developed for 20-somethings. Getting young adults to take notice would not be easy, so we set out to engage them in a way that was surprising and relevant to their lives. Inside was an interactive film experience that made the laptop a character in the story and utilized social networking to give the audience a role to play online. With over 32 million engagements and 11 years worth video consumed, Inside successfully created a connection between the consumers and both brands.

Brand: Intel/Toshiba
Client: Intel
Agency: Pereira & O'Dell

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