Fitness & Wellness

Unregulated products/services focused on consumer health and/or promoting a healthy lifestyle. 



Keep sweating

Brand: Gatorade
Client: Grupo GEPP
Agency: Arena Media

Abnormal working style job awards

Brand: AB yogurt drink
Client: Uni-President
Agency: 10percent activation

Fit For All

Throughout 2015 and into 2016, Fitbit encountered a slew of competitors trying to steal share from the wearable juggernaut. Garmin and Under Armour attacked our fitness credentials; Movado and Fossil attacked our watch credentials and Samsung and Apple came in guns blazing with huge marketing spends. Our goal was simple yet significant: maintain our position as the market leader in wearable fitness. In the face of all this competition, we not only increase our leadership position by 7%, doubled customer consideration and actually grew our market share domestically and abroad.

Brand: Fitbit
Client: Fitbit

2018_au_2018_21_hero_1 BabyLove Premmie Proud
2018_au_2018_22_hero_1 28 by Sam Wood 28 by Sam Wood: How an online business won by being more human
2018_mx_2018_006_hero_1 Gatorade Gatorade 5v5: Against everything

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