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Take a Seat, Take a Stand

The WNBA had a stagnating fan base and needed to recruit the next generation of fans. Millions were taking to the streets to demand women’s equality, but we needed them to show up for one of the movement’s pioneers. The solution? Turn attending a WNBA game into an act of advocacy. Take a Seat, Take a Stand brought the women’s movement into the arena, where every ticket supported organizations that empower women and girls, giving the WNBA a voice in the movement, and engaging a totally new generation of fans.

Brand: WNBA
Client: WNBA
Agency: Edelman

Coral Crafters

To promote a game update for Minecraft that added life to its oceans, we harnessed the creativity of our players to help rebuild coral reefs in the real world. Influencers worked with players to design sculptures in the game that were then constructed with Biorock, a technology that accelerates natural coral growth. These sculptures were placed in Cozumel, Mexico, where coral decay is rampant. We also got the Minecraft community to build things underwater in the game to unlock a $100K donation to The Nature Conservancy, funding additional coral programs.

Brand: Minecraft
Client: Microsoft
Agency: 215 McCann

2018 Winter Olympics: Experience The Moment Campaign

lntel microprocessors have served as the foundation for technological innovations from the birth of personal computers to the digital revolution experienced throughout the last decade. Though Intel has successfully evolved its business offering over the years from microprocessors to emerging technologies like virtual reality, drone light shows, and 5G, our audience still sees us a chipmaker. Intel leveraged their technology to transform the way the 2018 Winter Olympics were experienced. Intel stole the show, grabbed headlines and successfully showed their audience that they are much more than a chipmaker.

Brand: Intel
Client: Intel
Agency: Agency Inside

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