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Includes all forms of entertainment.  E.G. apps, movies, programming (TV, online, radio), books, DVDs, videogames, board games, etc.  Sporting events such as the Super Bowl, sports teams, etc.




Madden the Movie

How do you top a Madden-inspired music video starring Kevin Hart and a smack-talk generating Gif-engine? You start by creating an epic five-minute Bollywood-themed action film starring Christopher "McLovin" Mintz-Plasse and Dave Franco, alongside NFL stars Rob Gronkowski, Antonio Brown, and a T-Rex. Then you create a weekly spin-off series that showcases those same stars as puppets, teaming up to solve mysteries in between heated games of Madden - orchestrating an over-the-top pop-culture extravaganza that stole the hearts of the Internet, while helping Madden break all-time sales records. 

  • Brand: EA Madden NFL 16
  • Client: Electronic Arts
  • Agency: Heat

Imagine the Possibilities

For years, Barbie had been under attack - her true meaning lost in a sea of controversy. Seen as a bad role model, Millennial moms had rejected Barbie, causing a two-year decline in sales. To save Barbie, we reclaimed her original purpose and shifted the conversation to what she inspired. By reminding moms the power of Barbie doesn't lie in the shape of the doll, but rather in the imagination of the little girl, we reversed eight quarters of sales decline, increasing sales by 15% in Q4 2015

  • Brand: Barbie
  • Client: Mattel
  • Agency: BBDO San Francisco


Overwatch launched into a crowded category dominated by established game franchises. Countless sequels featuring the same formulaic worlds and heroes had jaded audiences and created an opportunity to stage a coup. Our "The World Needs Heroes"' campaign challenged gamers to connect with a new kind of hero, beyond the cliches, and tapped into gamers' latent yearning for a more innocent, more relatable kind of hero. The result: Overwatch not only became the most successful game launch of the year, but launched a new kind of entertainment brand. 

  • Brand: Overwatch
  • Client: Blizzard Entertainment
  • Agency: Droga5
2017_na_2017_e-2153-120_hero_1 Target Target Creates First Ever Live Music Video with Gwen Stefani
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