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Free to get, free to use

Chase's "Free to get, free to use" campaign was developed to introduce the release of Chase's new proprietary online banking and bill-paying software. Chase's new Online Banking is short-term an enhancement to current customer's banking relationship and long-term, and attraction for non-customers. By visually demonstrating the product via television and reinforcing the "news" via newspaper, we were able to increase ad awareness by 60% and generate significant applications for the product in the first 3 months.

Brand: Chase Online Banking
Client: Chase Manhattan Bank
Agency: McCann-Erickson

They make money the old-fashioned way. They earn it.

"They make money the old fashioned way. They earn it" remains one of the most recognizable lines in advertising. Yet its relevance was threatened as the investment landscape changed dramatically with the "democratization" of investing. Despite an ad budget only 1/6 of the category leaders, Smith Barney saw the changing playing field as an opportunity. By recognizing the core values (integrity, discipline, hard work) are as relevant to the information-saturated investors of today as they were in the days of John Houseman, Smith Barney's contemporized message has continued to strike a chord.

Brand: Smith Barney
Client: Smith Barney
Agency: McCann-Erickson

The Rodeo Grandmas 1997

The Rodeo Grandmas 1997 campaign features a group of real-life, lasso totin' grannies from Ellensburg, Washington, who represent Washington Mutual, Inc. In 1997, the Rodeo Grandmas addressed an onslaught of competitive free checking products that weren't really free. The Rodeo Grandmas, one of the Bank's most memorable icons, defended the banking interests of consumers, and brought honesty and integrity to "free checking" claims. Unaided awareness of the bank's advertising rose to its highest level ever, account openings exceeded campaign goals by 38% and Washington Mutual built its leadership position as a bank consumers would likely choose if they were to move their checking account.

Brand: Washington Mutual
Client: Washington Mutual, Inc.
Agency: McCann-Erickson Seattle

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