Financial Cards

Credit, debit, reward, loyalty, gift, phone and other cards.




In the Seinfeld campaign, Jerry Seinfeld is placed in a variety of difficult situations, from locking himself out of his apartment, to being stranded on a desert island. For Jerry, the Card acts like "Popeye's can of spinach"--it is an empowering tool that solves problems real and absurd. It confers confidence and can-do-ness within a framework of contemporary prestige.

Brand: American Express
Client: American Express Company
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather
Language: English

Or Was It the Miles?

Citibank AAdvantage, the first credit card of its kind to enter the market, was a beleaguered brand. Reward cards were proliferating exponentially. It was critical that the advertising renew interest in the brand among the AAdvantage prospect base. It did, with flair.

Brand: Citibank Advantage
Client: Citibank
Agency: Kirshenbaum Bond + Partners
Language: English

We're Here

Introduce a new hotel property, Treasure Island at the Mirage, the Adventure Resort, by establishing an unprecedented level of interest and must-see attitude for all Las Vegas visitors and the travel trade community.

Brand: Treasure Island at The Mirage
Client: Treasure Island at The Mirage
Agency: Hal Riney & Partners
Language: English

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2018_ec_2018_30_hero_1 Banco Guayaquil Cuenta amiga Mastercard Debito
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