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Do you #smallenfreuden?

How do you get people to adopt a new behaviour? Visa did it by making up a new word Smallenfreuden. SMALLENFREUDEN means using your Visa card to pay for small everyday purchase. Within 2 months of launch, over 50% of Canadians were aware of SMALLENFREUDEN this named behaviour that people could identify, talk about, and ultimately adopt. By the end of the campaign, Canadians answered yes to the question do you #smallenfreuden as they were smallenfreudening more often and in greater numbers than ever before.

Brand: Visa
Client: Visa
Agency: BBDO Toronto
Language: English

Small Business Saturday

In 2010, American Express created Small Business Saturday, a new shopping day between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to support small businesses, create jobs, preserve neighborhoods and fuel local economies nationwide. But 2011 would be the real test. Could American Express take what started as a simple idea of supporting small businesses during the holiday season and transform it into a permanent fixture on the American shopping calendar? In just its second year, American Express took Main Street mainstream with a multi-touch campaign that activated the small business community, consumers, media and brand partners, and even local and national government officials using powerful social action

Brand: American Express
Client: American Express Company
Agency: Digitas
Language: English

Priceless New York

If you're MasterCard, how do you compete with American Express for affluent consumers? Better question, how do you compete for affluent consumers on Amx turf - New York City? The solution was to offer experiences New Yorkers could't get anywhere else: Priceless New York only from MasterCard. Take a private tour of the deKooning exhibit. Shoot photos with a Nat Geo photographer. Introduce your kids to Eloise. Since launch, Priceless New York has driven nearly 1M people to its platform, sold over 15K in assets and registered over 20K consumers. Priceless.

Brand: MasterCard Worldwide
Client: MasterCard Worldwide
Agency: Universal McCann (UM)
Language: English

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