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What's Your Story?

Citi Cards created a unifying brand platform to drive usage. The insight came from customers -their bill statements were like a diary of experiences. The big idea was the things people buy with their Citi Card help create the stories of their lives. A multi-channel approach launched the campaign. Tracking showed that Citi outperformed all competitors (all with longer established campaigns) and beat the category average on key metrics. After the first year, overall Citi Card usage increased by 8.4%.

Brand: Citi
Client: Citigroup Inc.
Agency: Publicis
Language: English

2008 Beijing Olympics "Go World"

The 2008 Beijing Olympics were the most challenging in the 20 years of Visa's partnership. Controversy surrounded the Games. Visa was under pressure following its recent IPO, and it was becoming increasingly hard for sponsors to break through the Olympics clutter. By reminding the world of the true meaning of the Olympic spirit, Visa transcended the controversy and clutter. The campaign put Visa ahead of the field in every key measure and was widely considered the most effective of the Games.

Brand: Visa
Client: Visa, Inc.
Agency: TBWA\Chiat\Day
Language: English

Priceless Pep Talks

Using a proprietary Web site,, and valuable sponsorship of Peyton Manning, this campaign created a level of consumer engagement that had not previously existed in the payments card category. Launched during the NFL season opener, the campaign leveraged Peyton Manning's natural charm and humor to engage consumers with MasterCard and connect with them personally. What resulted was a flood of online traffic to, increased consumer engagement and a lot of positive buzz for the MasterCard brand.

Brand: MasterCard
Client: MasterCard Worldwide
Agency: McCann Erickson
Language: English

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