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U.S. Army Cryptaris Mission

The U.S. Army needs STEM candidates to achieve today's complex missions, but STEM candidates think they are too smart to enlist in the U.S. Army. So we built desire to join the Army by demonstrating that STEM candidates are held to the same high standards as some of the country's most elite universities. To do this, we created a challenge that only 5% of people who try can successfully complete: a percentage that intentionally mirrors the acceptance rate of the nations most elite universities.

  • Brand: U.S. Army
  • Client: U.S. Army
  • Agency: McCann New York

The New York Lottery - "You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person"

As The New York Lottery's original jackpot game, LOTTO has made more New Yorkers millionaires than any other jackpot game.But in late 2015, LOTTO sales were down as newer multi-state jackpot games lured players away with astronomical prize payouts. To reverse this trend, we appealed to the widely shared disapproval of eccentric spending among New York elite and tapped into New Yorkers' "can do it better" attitude. Our integrated campaign, "You'd Make a Way Better Rich Person", led to +17% sales during its first week in-market and +55% sales compared to year prior. Bonus: we earned affinity and relevance for the New York Lottery as a brand.

  • Brand: New York Lottery
  • Client: The New York Lottery
  • Agency: McCann New York


Our objective with #WhoWillYouHelp was to educate the public that the grey area shouldnt be so grey, and start a conversation that would eliminate any ambiguity around what constitutes sexual assault and harassment. Unlike other sexual violence campaigns that focus on the victim or the abuser, our strategy was to target bystanders and empower them to take action if they witness sexual assault. The #WhoWillYouHelp campaign was extremely successful in bringing awareness to the grey area so many people find themselves in, and educating on the role they could take in preventing sexual violence and harassment toward women.

  • Brand: Ontario Women's Directorate (OWD)
  • Client: Ontario Women's Directorate
  • Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto
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2016_na_2016_441493_hero_1 New York Lottery #Unclaimed: The Hunt for a Missing Millionaire
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