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Municipal or state economic development, lotteries, utilities (i.e. electricity conservation messages), membership drives, educational institutions/organizations, armed forces marketing communications. Includes political messages and special interest/trad



Your Army Needs You

To meet ambitious recruitment targets in a competitive job market, we needed to raise awareness that the Army were recruiting, and show what the Army offered this generation that they couldn’t find elsewhere. In a modern-day Britain overlooking and undervaluing young people, the campaign challenged stereotypes put on our audience, and showed how the Army spotted their potential. The campaign earned reach of 4.8 billion in 1 week, increased awareness that the Army were recruiting to a 7 year high, and drove a 71% increase in applications after a month.

Brand: The British Army
Client: Capita
Agency: Karmarama
Language: English

Modern Slavery : Hiding in Plain Sight

Modern slavery is a serious hidden crime and far more prevalent in the UK than assumed. It’s all around us, hiding in plain sight. Its victims suffer unthinkable horrors and it costs taxpayers significantly. Communicating directly endangers victims, but we identified that frontline workers often unknowingly interact with victims face-to-face. Through tailored communications, we helped this audience to spot slavery, stop it and save lives by reporting suspected cases. This resulted in 173 victims being identified and an estimated £56 million in savings to the UK.

Brand: Cabinet Office
Client: Cabinet Office
Language: English

Be a Masshole, Not an Asshole

Male Massachusetts residents are 38% less likely than female residents to agree with the LGBTQ movement. So how do you get them to advocate for and vote to uphold transgender rights? You just tell them to be themselves.  Redefining the term “Masshole” as the champion of civil liberties, our social film reminded Massachusetts citizens, especially men, that only a real asshole would deny rights to their neighbors. “Be a Masshole, Not an Asshole” increased conversation and advocacy among an unlikely audience, helping uphold transgender rights during the 2018 midterm elections.

Brand: Yes on 3 Coalition
Client: MullenLowe U.S.
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

2020_uk_2020_e-467-030_hero_1 National Health Service NHS 'We are the NHS'
2020_us_2020_e-4638-585_hero_1 JAMRS Their Tomorrow
2020_us_2020_e-4732-531_hero_1 U.S. Army In Our Boots 360 VR Experience

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