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Municipal or state economic development, lotteries, utilities (i.e. electricity conservation messages), membership drives, educational institutions/organizations, armed forces marketing communications. Includes political messages and special interest/trad



TVA: The Human Resourse

All utilities including TVA, are about to enter a new world in which it will be legal to compete. Utilities across the country have spent close to $1 billion dollars in the last 10 years, touting their messages and establishing their positions. TVA hasn't invested a penny in marketing. Now, to ensure success beyond deregulation, TVA focused itself on forging a trusted and powerful bond between Valley residents and TVA, and connecting TVA to the electricity used in the Valley.

Brand: TVA
Client: Tennessee Valley Authority
Agency: Fitzgerald+CO

You're The Boss

The "You're The Boss" campaign was developed to help strengthen PSE&G's image as a company committed to its customers and dedicated to providing a higher level of customer service. The introduction of a service guarantee program wherein PSE&G agrees to pay customers if they don't perform as promised was utilized as the tool to demonstrate this commitment and dedication. A "customer as boss" theme was used to convey these keys points, and real PSE&G customers were featured in the ads to reinforce the message and to help personalize the utility's image.

Brand: PSE&G
Client: Public Service Electric & Gas Company
Agency: DKB & Partners, Inc.

Blue Chip Opportunity

Before the Marine Corps could convince young African American college student to consider a future as a Marine Corps officer, they had to get these students to see the Corps differently. Misconceptions incorrectly portrayed the Corps as a Blue Collar option that would pull this prospect off the road to success. The goal of this communications program was to replace these beliefs with a more accurate portrayal of the officer program. We wanted them to equate it with the toughest management course in the world. The program needed to present the Corps as the elite organization it is, with opportunities to all that are up to the challenge. A Blue Chip Opportunity. Success in the Corps would ultimately translate to success anywhere.

Brand: United States Marine Group
Client: United States Marine Corps
Agency: JWT Atlanta

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