Government, Institutional & Recruitment

Municipal or state economic development, lotteries, utilities (i.e. electricity conservation messages), membership drives, educational institutions/organizations, armed forces marketing communications. Includes political messages and special interest/trad



Pod Igoto

Brand: Janet 45
Client: Janet 45
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi Sofia
Language: Bulgarian

Debate con Vos

Brand: Partido Acción Ciudadana
Client: Partido Acción Ciudadana
Agency: Madison DDB
Language: Spanish


Brand: WWF
Client: WWF Bulgaria
Agency: Noble Graphics
Language: Bulgarian

2020_uk_2020_e-467-030_hero_1 National Health Service NHS 'We are the NHS'
2020_us_2020_e-4732-531_hero_1 U.S. Army In Our Boots 360 VR Experience
2020_us_2020_e-4638-585_hero_1 JAMRS Their Tomorrow

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