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Gain by Gain

How do you convince 80% of people who are fully satisfied with their current laundry scent that the scent of Gain is worth paying morefor? Gain by Gain illustrates the power even in a commodity category - of stepping outside category communication conventions to alter behavioral drivers of purchase. This was Gain's highest scoring creative in history and drove significant increase in sales of Gain flings!TM, the best smelling Gain ever.

  • Brand: Gain
  • Client: Procter & Gamble
  • Agency: Leo Burnett Toronto

The Hunt for the First Ever Mrs. Meyer's Home 'Maker'

How can a small, but inspired, natural home cleaning brand reignite growth in a category created and defined by the better-funded incumbents? By reframing the category and challenging marketing norms, it reached a new consumer showing that cleaning isnt the end of something dirty but the start of something inspirational. A contest brought the insight to life prompting consumers to share their personal stories of making. Communications resulted in +26.6% sales growth, 2.7x the category rate and millions embracing the brand to celebrate the pride and joy of home making.

  • Brand: Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day
  • Client: S.C. Johnson
  • Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

Kleenex. Someone Needs One.

Being the leader of a declining category can only mean one thing: Its time to change the game. To save itself, Kleenex needed to transcend nose-wiping and stand for something that mattered to people. By repositioning itself as a gesture of care, Kleenex put itself at the center of a program that stood for empathy in a world of indifference. Since launch, Kleenex has increased sales by 4.5X (+2.7%) vs. expectations while delivering nearly 12MM social engagements in the first 11 weeks of programming44X total social engagements in 2014.

  • Brand: Kleenex
  • Client: Kimberly-Clark
  • Agency: VSA Partners
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