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Guardian of the future

The market is shrinking. Life insurance premiums are 1/3 lower. All players use generic language and address the same, higher middle class. Customers don’t understand the product and don’t trust the insurers. A simple, positive and symbolic message centered around the parent-child relations “here and now” helped to draw the attention of a considerably wider target group to the child’s future instead of the daily expenses. NN reached double-digit growth in premiums and share in a market tumbling to the double-digit tune. New business results were doubly efficient in proportion to the market share – this is where the growth happened.

Brand: Guardian of the future
Client: Nationale-Nederlanden
Agency: PZL
Language: Polish

Allstate Social Savvy Burglar

Every day, people fill social media with seemingly harmless posts. But the more people overshare, the more they put their homes at risk of burglary. So, we decided to use the very media in which oversharing behavior was happening to prove the power of social opportunism and reframe home insurance as protection from this modern risk. The campaign resulted in incredible engagement and awareness in hours, which ultimately helped contribute to a, 18% sales lift on home insurance for the month.

Brand: Allstate
Client: Allstate Insurance Company
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc
Language: English

Sorta You Isn't You

People dont like paying for car insurance. Its no wonder the affordable direct-to-consumer insurance category is growing. But relative newbie Esurance is disadvantaged. With less than 1% of the market and a fraction of the budget of competitors, few people think to quote with Esurance. The traditional savings message wouldnt work. We needed to challenge assumptions about insurance altogether. In the modern world, products are personalized to the individual. So why isnt insurance? We showed people it could be; shaping impressions and beating quote goals, all in reduced-budget year.

Brand: Esurance
Client: Esurance
Agency: Leo Burnett/Arc
Language: English

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