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Bringing Humanity To Health Insurance

Oscar was the new kid on the health insurance block with zero market share, zero awareness, and only 3% of the total marketing spend in the category. But sometimes, starting from the ground up can have its advantages. Instead of going along with the category norms of health insurance, we traded in the corporate language for clarity, the scare tactics for humor, and the bureaucratic process for modern intuition. Our results? 45% awareness among our core audience and 5% total market share at the end of the enrollment period.

Brand: Oscar Insurance Corporation
Client: Oscar Insurance Corporation
Language: English

Happier Than II

In an industry that spent $5.8Bn in advertising last year, where one competitor's gain comes at the expense of another's loss, and a shopper base that has declined by 1/3 in the last year; while nearly half of those who are shopping will switch insurers how was GEICO able to achieve record growth, exceed its new inquiry goal for the year, achieve its lowest-ever customer attrition rate, all by increasing WOM references about a talking camel? Well, Guess which case this is?!?

Brand: GEICO
Client: GEICO
Agency: The Martin Agency
Language: English

Expect the Even More Unexpected

A chance recording from an in-car camera of a horrific car crash provided the idea for a very smart and relevant promotion by DBS DriveShield. To help drivers in unexpected incidents, we gave them an all-seeing third eye. It captured some unexpected incidences: A car slice in half by lightsabers, a magnetised car attracting the debris from a tornado and a car frozen by an ice storm. This campaign proved to be a sensational winner with vastly superior results over 2011.

Brand: DriveShield
Client: DBS Bank Ltd
Agency: DDB Singapore
Language: English

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