Communications promoting specific products or services related to insurance and the capabilities of financial institutions offering these services.  




The "critters" campaign positioned WCiS as the local, hometown, billion dollar, full-service bank. The campaign confronted competition head on, portraying WCiS competitors as animal caricatures- critters. WCiS increased top of mind awareness from 3rd to 1st in Worcester County, increased the Bank's primary bank position from 3rd to 1st, and moved from 5th to a tie for 2nd advertising recall- against competition with larger budgets and, unlike WCiS, used television advertising.

Brand: WCIS
Client: WCIS Worcester County Institution for Savings
Agency: FitzGerald & Company, Inc.
Language: English


Convince the target to consider Wachovia when making any financial decision. Maintain Wachovia's lead over its two principal competitors, NCNB and First Union, in its two key areas: switching preference and main banking relationship.

Brand: Wachovia
Client: Wachovia Bank and Trust Company
Agency: Long, Haymes & Carr
Language: English

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