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The Three Fingers

Brand: adidas
Client: Adidas China
Agency: TBWA
Language: Mandarin

Ask Guomundur: World's First Human Search Engine

THE POWER OF A CONTENT-LED APPROACH AND SEVEN ICELANDIC GUDMUNDURS With a budget of only £1.71m, Iceland created a radically new type of tourism campaign using Responsive Content rather than traditional communications to rapidly change the attitudes and behaviours of tourists, adding £36.5m to the economy with a ROI of 21.3:1. "Iceland invites you to send your questions to #AskGudmundur. I gather that Iceland has a lot of folks called Gudmundur and they'll answer." _ President Barack Obama

Brand: Inspired By Iceland
Client: Promote Iceland
Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers
Language: English

Farting fruit breathe new life into Mr. Sketch

How could Mr. Sketch, a largely forgotten coloring brand, make headway in a category dominated by Crayola? The answer: farting fruit. By leveraging the benefit of creativity stimulated by Mr. Sketchs unique scents, we revived a brand that had no marketing support in over 20 years. Mr. Sketch significantly lifted awareness, share and distribution by injecting the Youth Art category with a renewed sense of silly imagination.

Brand: Mr. Sketch
Client: Newell Rubbermaid
Agency: BBH New York
Language: English

2019_ca_2019_e-178-465_hero_1 Go RVing Bring Back Wildhood
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Blog_image Olympique de Marseille Om à la folie

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