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Travel Yourself Interesting

Brand: Expedia
Client: Expedia
Agency: Ogilvy & Mather

The Replacer

Call of Dutys downloadable content (DLC) business is essential to its future. But for cash-strapped gamers, its the ultimate nice to have. Our job was to reframe DLC in their minds. To make the prospect of new DLC content every bit as exciting as a new game launch. So we created The Replacer. A man who takes on your less kickass obligations so you can get all the DLC time you want. Because blowing off your responsibilities to play DLC is even more fun when you get away with it.

Brand: Call of Duty
Client: Activision Publishing
Agency: 72andSunny

ESPN Fantasy Football. It's Good To Be Commissioner.

ESPN Fantasy Football needed to differentiate their product offering, and saw an opportunity with Commissioners. This target is responsible for signing-up their entire league, but no one was speaking directly to them. Research also indicated that one Commissioner sign-up resulted in, on average, eight additional sign-ups. We seized this opportunity by developing the ESPN Fantasy Football Toolkit, an online experience that gave Commissioners tools to make their job fun and easy. It defined ESPN as the home for Fantasy Commissioners. Our strategy resulted in 19.8% YOY growth, far surpassing our objective, and more importantly, ESPN passed Yahoo! as the #1 Fantasy Football provider.

Brand: ESPN
Client: ESPN
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

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