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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, "The Vet and the n00b"

This isn't the story of an underdog. It's about Call of Duty: the titan of videogaming. With the launch of Modern Warfare 3, we set out to create the biggest entertainment launch of all time. For the third year in a row. With tapped outlets for growth, we ignited our disparate audiences with one insight; the fun isnt in winning, its in the progression. We invited the world to join in the thrill of becoming a badass. The game launch achieved cultural inevitability and went on to shatter entertainment records worldwide.

Brand: Call of Duty
Client: Activision Blizzard, Inc.
Agency: 72andSunny

Mezamashii Run Project

Mizuno had just 7% brand favorability, a running shoe that felt hard and stiff on the sales floor and 1% of the industry's ad spend to work with. But they knew that runners logging more than 20 miles a week would prefer Mizuno shoes if they could just TRY them instead of merely TRY THEM ON. When a word-of-mouth campaign called The Mezamashii Run Project put shoes on running feet, both favorability and store sales increased. And a sustainable community of fans who are now wear-testing Mizuno products was born.

Brand: Mizuno
Client: Mizuno
Agency: McKinney

Gator Versus

Once the leader in side-by-side utility vehicles, by 2008, John Deere's relevance in the UTV category was all but lost. Deere's leadership was being erased by changing consumer wants and aggressive competitive marketing activity. Consumers wanted more than utilitarian vehicles - they wanted adrenaline-charged, high-performance equipment. The campaign to launch Deere's reentry to the market with a high-performance machine not only challenged long-held perceptions that the Gator was simply a workhorse, it also moved the brand from fifth to second in market share and grew unit sales by 33%.

Brand: John Deere Gator
Client: John Deere
Agency: GSD&M

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