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NBC Sports Network: Barclays Premier League

With no U.S. based home teams, NBCSNs challenge was to bring US viewers to Barclays Premier League soccer (BPL), or football known elsewhere. We incentivized adoption of clubs by encouraging fans to pick a side. We engaged via speak football edu-tainment content. We entertained through a long-form mockumentary comparing BPL to US football, all in all creating a cultural tipping point and over a billion earned impressions. Our British invasion was victorious, minting 19.1 million new viewers, increasing audience reach 2.4x during the 2013-14 BPL Season over prior season on ESPN/ESPN2/Fox Soccer.

  • Brand: NBC Sports Network
  • Client: NBC Sports Group
  • Agency: The Brooklyn Brothers

SportsCenter Brand: DaDaDa

In 2013, SportsCenter, ESPNs flagship broadcast, faced exploding competition24-hour sports channels, blogs catering to every fan niche, and instant stats and scores on your phone. To prove SportsCenter still deserved a central place in fans lives, we leveraged the powerful truth that SportsCenter wasnt just more sports, it was about the best of sports. Our campaign, Da-Da-Da, used the shows theme song to reinforce that when SportsCenter starts, youre about to witness something truly memorable. Our campaign brought the fans back, markedly increasing both loyalty and tune-in frequency.

  • Brand: ESPN
  • Client: ESPN
  • Agency: Wieden+Kennedy

Killing Kennedy

National Geographic Channel was airing its most ambitious program, Killing Kennedy, a film corresponding with the 50th anniversary of JFKs assassination. Given its significance, an avalanche of JFK-themed media was competing for attention and they had to find a way to generate intrigue around the broadcast premiere. The solution was a second-screen experienceone that took a page from modern storytelling to draw our target inthat exceeded goals of driving deep engagement and increased the brands online audience over the prime-time average by 10x, the highest in network history.

  • Brand: National Geographic Channel
  • Client: National Geographic Channel
  • Agency: Mullen Lowe
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