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The launch of new TV series House Arrest

The most challenging and difficult task was not to just raise awareness of the new TV series, “House Arrest”, but to build up the connection between the new project and the new online platform, TNT-Premier, in the viewers’ minds, as they were used to the fact that everything that is promoted on TNT is shown on TNT. 

Client: TNT Broadcasting Network

OkCupid: DTF

In 2018, OkCupid had been all but forgotten. New dating apps like Tinder had redefined the modern dating world as a place of superficiality and swipe for a sex. How do you make yourself relevant again when you don’t offer what people expected from modern dating? The truth is that was a blessing, people were fed up with the lack of depth and looking for deeper connection, something OkCupid has always offered. Our campaign made interesting sexy by subverting Down. To. F##K and resurrected the brand. 

Brand: OkCupid
Client: OkCupid
Agency: Wieden+Kennedy New York

Long live the neighbor’s goat!

Brand: PressOne
Client: PressOne
Agency: GMP+Webstyler

2019_sg_2019_18_hero_1 History Channel ‘DRAMABAIT’ CAM
2019_us_2019_e-4353-738_hero_1 The Wall Street Journal Selling WSJ to a Generation Raised on Free
2019_us_2019_e-3657-458_hero_1 PBS The Vietnam War Campaign

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