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For the first time in its 124-year history, the Boston Marathon was canceled. So how does the Boston Globe, another Boston institution, show people this is not a sign of retreat but in fact is the ultimate display of strength? You do what any self-respecting townie would do: remind everyone what this city is made of.  By supporting the community, the Globe’s #BostonStillRunning campaign generated valuable support from the community—increased incremental ad revenue, new digital subscriptions, social engagement, and donations serving the city’s restaurants and frontline healthcare workers.

Brand: The Boston Globe
Client: Boston Globe
Agency: MullenLowe U.S.
Language: English

Giving Streaming the Bird

Peacock started from scratch - no name ID, no awareness. In one of the noisiest, most cluttered categories in the world. 63% of consumers said they didn’t want another streaming service. We showed the world that we’re not just another streaming service by building a brand as unignorable as the content on our platform, inspired by our unignorable namesake. We were the #2 fastest growing brand in 2020 proving we are truly Can’t Not Watch.

Brand: Peacock
Client: Peacock
Agency: Anomaly
Language: English

The Truth Is Worth It

With journalism under threat, both politically and economically, The New York Times needed to demonstrate why its journalism is essential and deserves support. We uncovered a latent truth: when readers who expect news to be free understand what it takes for us to pursue the truth, they understand why it’s worth paying for. The resulting campaign captivated audiences through storytelling, shifted perception of the value of journalism, and inspired action by adding new subscribers, ensuring that The Times can pursue its vital mission as a healthy 21st century business.

Brand: The New York Times
Client: The New York Times
Agency: Droga5
Language: English

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