Fresh, packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



Lays & Pyaterochka employed Olga Buzova

Every autumn, crisps face low season. In response, Lay’s in exclusive partnership with “Pyaterochka” turned a limited-edition launch into a blockbuster with the whole country watching. The leading star Olga Buzova had tried herself in so many projects, yet hadn’t worked anywhere full-time. So we offered her a job at “Pyaterochka” to help us launch 2 exclusive Lay’s flavours! As a result, the 8-week new product volume was sold out in 2weeks, Lay’s reached sales growth +50% vs. last year, record-traffic (+103% clicks & +223% site visits) and buzz among the young audience. 

Brand: Lay's
Client: Frito Ley Manufacturing LLC
Agency: BBDO Moscow
Language: English, Russian

Discover how you like them the most!

Campaign Discover how you like them the most! with which Argeta vegetable spreads have been launched has strongly exceeded all set business, marketing and communications goals. Argeta vegetable spreads gained high market share, launch did not cause sales cannibalization of other classical Argeta spreads - sales of other Argeta spreads even rose, high first trial has been built and communications had a direct sales effect. Argeta vegetable spreads launch had a positive effect on the image of whole Argeta brand.

Brand: Argeta
Client: Atlantic Grupa
Agency: Luna \TBWA
Language: Slovenian

Anything for Baby

Over the past decade, Gerber, the most famous face in the baby aisle, was blindsided by the biggest revolution in baby food ever. As moms clamored for healthier options for their little ones, Gerber’s food credentials were questioned, and the brand was left looking more out-of-touch than iconic. Gerber rose to the challenge with far more than a campaign. “Anything for Baby” was a rallying cry that transformed the whole brand, shattering moms’ expectations and reversing close to a decade-long slide in sales and market share.

Brand: Gerber
Client: Gerber
Agency: Terri & Sandy
Language: English

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