Packaged Food

Packaged and frozen foods both regular and diet/light.



The main meal

Everyone is used to thinking that the main meal is meat or fish. Grains and ean are what we usually call a garnish. Mistral grains deserve to be the main part of any meal. Consumption in households increased by 9 points vs +4 plan. Market share in rubles in 4th quarter 2018 increased to 15.7% vs Q4 2017 14.5. in KG increased from 8.5% to 9.5%. 

Brand: Mistral
Client: Mistral Trading LLC
Agency: SLAVA

New era in the history of the chocolate

Every year dozens of chocolate tablets are launches but these “novelties” are very similar to the first chocolate tablets from the XIX century. The assortment the proposal of the luxury chocolate boutiques stands out – via its incredible aesthetics and incredibly high price. However brand has broken this cycle by creating chocolate “ZOLOTAYA MARKA” that looks like from the premium boutiques but affordable to a wide audience. 78% of the consumers have admitted this launch as a true innovation what influenced beyond the expectations demand and the brand became №1 in TOM brand awareness among the chocolate tablets

Brand: ROSSIYAGenerous Soul!
Client: Nestle Russia LLC
Agency: Nestle Russia

Antojo Mañanero

De Todito es la marca especialista en acabar con el hambre, pero el negocio no iba bien, el consumo decreció y tuvimos que pensar en algo fuera de lo común para salvar los indicadores. Es así como decidimos romper con un tabú, casi cometer un pecado…
Decidimos que era hora de explorar nuevos terrenos y nos lanzamos a donde nunca antes un snack se había atrevido: las mañanas.

Brand: Detodito
Client: Pepsico Alimentos Colombia LTDA
Agency: Sancho BBDO

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