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Popcorn in a Brand-New Way

There were two short-term specific objectives of the Chico-San Popcorn Cake advertising: 1) To build awareness and generate trial by attracting users from Quaker. 2) To bring new consumers into the category, thus increasing Chico-San's market share. The long-term sales goal was to lessen the share gap between Chico-San and Quaker through the introduction of this new Chico-San Popcorn product. Currently, Chico-San is the category leader with a 40% share of category volume, while Quaker's share of volume has dropped to 35%. Since the advertising began in 1988, Chico-San share has increased by 40% and Quaker has decreased by 38%.

Brand: Chico-San Popcorn Cakes
Client: H.J. Heinz Company
Agency: Hill Holliday Connors Cosmopulos Inc.
Language: English

Red Balloon

In an environment where growth is usually short-lived and the result of a hot premium, Lucky Charms needed an advertising idea with long-term impact. In April 1989, the brand began the "Red Balloon" campaign, which was designed to excited kids about a new red balloon marshmallow in Lucky Charms. In only six month that the campaign aired, Lucky Charms' volume increased 15% 9as volume for all pre-sweetened brands decreased 4%) and Lucky Charms overtook long-time leader Froot Loops as the best-selling pre-sweetened cereal in the country.

Brand: Lucky Charms
Client: General Mills, Inc.
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi
Language: English

25 Calories

The "25 Calories" campaign's overall objective was to reverse Oscar Mayer Lean Cold Cuts' double digit sales declines and restore positive 22% growth in the face of persistent negative attitudes about red meat and cold cuts. The campaign worked by leveraging the surprising news that Oscar Mayer Lean Cold Cuts are only 25 calories a slice..

Brand: Oscar Mayer Lean Cold Cuts
Client: Oscar Mayer
Agency: J. Walter Thompson Company USA
Language: English

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