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Home Delights Launch

Pet parents look for every way possible to show their dogs they love them. But the category hadnt caught up, and the wet category had been declining since 2007. Cesar unlocked the insight that pet parents felt bad feeding their dogs the same kibble daily when their pets wanted foods their owners enjoyed. We built on that insight, telling a story of comfort food for dogs and leveraging human food cues. Setting a best-in-class standard, we surpassed growth goals by 197% and increased sentiment 11x.

Brand: Cesar
Client: Mars Petcare
Agency: BBDO San Francisco
Language: English


The pet food industry is dominated by giants like Mars, Nestle, and P&G. How does an independent brand with a small ad budget convince consumers to switch to a fresh alternative? Freshpetthe only national, all-natural, preservative-free, refrigerated pet foodused one simple idea to call out the intimidating chemicals, preservatives, and by-products found in so many competitive brands. We let the dogs speak for themselves. Our "Protest" campaign ignited meteoric growth in same-store sales and a huge jump in total revenue in an industry that was essentially flat.

Brand: Freshpet
Client: Freshpet
Agency: The Terri & Sandy Solution
Language: English

It's Good to Give

After 10 years without advertising support, Milk-Bone saw its share dropping within dangerous range of its main competitor, private label. With no new products planned, we needed a way to stay relevant and top-of-mind with consumers. The company wanted to provide dog owners with an emotional reason to believe, so the "Good to Give" campaign was born. By showcasing an existing but under-promoted 12-year relationship with the nonprofit service dog provider Canine Assistants(R), this campaign touched consumers' hearts and effectively increased share, consideration, and awareness across the board.

Brand: Milk-Bone
Client: Del Monte
Agency: Draftfcb
Language: English

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